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Begleri: (Flat Earthers)

The conspiracy is out there. Are you round or flat?

The Flat Earthers were designed for a solid feel. The size is small but the weight sits at 20 grams making the feel super smooth.
The beads have a round and flat side. So you can choose the feel of the beads by picking a side of mixing them up.
The round side has a nice speedy feel great for wraps while the flat side locks in and is amazing for aerials.
Each bead is around 9.4 grams so when you string them up they are a solid 20 grams. A perfect weight for Begleri.
The beads are drilled for 500 paracord but 275 works as well.
Each side of the bead has a laser etching of the round and flat earth maps.

14mm Wide
11mm High
4mm Hole
9.4 Grams a bead
Laser Etches Top & Bottom

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