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Paper Craft Toys:

We have been designing Paper Craft Skilltoys and products that are FREE!

That is right you read that correctly. Free Downloadable plans for Skilltoys. 

All you need to do is download the files you want and find a local print shop to print them out for you. Using a heavier cardstock like #110 to #130 pound paper is best. Most of our designs will be at 12x18 inches but can also work shrunk to 11x17 inches. All of our designs come with Blank Templates so you can re-skin or customize them to your liking. Remember all of these are free. If you enjoy a product from paper please consider supporting the makers directly by buying a real version from them. 

Check out what Paper Craft Products are available now at our Google Drive:

To download = Pick the folder you want, right click it, and choose Download.

Check out what inspired us to start papercrafting:


+ Cubed Kendama

+ SK8R

+ Pill Kendama

- Holo Toy

Current Products Available:


- Quarter Pipe

- Mini Ramp 

- Hill

- Lip Bank

- Spine Ramp


If you discover and errors please let us know. Also send us pictures and videos of you using our Paper Craft Products!

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