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Holo Toy:

    Holo Toy is our perfected version of an ancient toy. It is in the Kendama family of skill toys, having features of all of them: Kendama, The Pill, Rolling Pin, Bilboquet, Kugelfang, Pommawonga, Balero, Ajagak, and many more. They are all a variants of the classic cup-and-ball game. Holo has a barrel and chute connected by a string. The barrel is a tube and the chute is the same sized tube but with spiked protrusions on both ends. The same rules apply to Holo as to all Kendama-family toys – catch one part with another. Apply all the advances in modern object manipulation and mix styles from other forms of play. Your imagination is your limitation.

What is Holo made out of?

    Every Holo Toy is handmade from wood. So they will all have slightly different textures and some minor wood-grain imperfections. We currently have two wood options. Paulownia and Pine. Paulownia is a very lightweight durable hard wood weighing in at around 70-80 grams total. Pine is a heavier soft wood weighing in at around 145-160 grams total. Each wood has their own qualities. Paulownia seems to be grippier and easier to do kink tricks. Pine wood is a soild weight for smooth control.

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