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Rebar Toy:

Rebar combines the playfulness of a dexterity toy while doubling as a fashion accessory. A vast library of tricks is waiting to be discovered and mastered leaving you with limitless opportunities and endless fun. The jewelry aspect that Rebar brings by being wearable to the skilltoy community means you no longer have to dig through your pockets or bags to get to play wherever, whenever.

Rebar is very similar to Knuckle Rollers, Knuckle Bones, LogicSticks, Penspinning, and more. The Three Magnetic Bar design allows you to break it apart and reconnect it in many ways. Giving you the options of being a simple toy or a very technical toy. By combining multiple sets you can start to expand on the play styles and tricks.

Rebar was designed to be a fashion accessory for anyone. The magnetic design allows for the Bars to be customizable pendants. You can rearrange Rebar to new pendant configurations on the fly and change up your necklace game on the spot. Be cautious as some shapes don't hold as well when bouncing. Rebar can pop off your neck from excessive force. Not suitable for running.

Rebar also fulfills the fidgeting needs you never knew you had. With the ability to connect to each other in many ways. Rebar can also turn into Fidget Spinners. The more sets you combine means more fidget possibilities. 

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