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Crescent Coin:

Crescent Coin is a normal coin with a 'Eye' shaped hole cut out of it. This hole makes the edge of the coin a rail. The rail can be pinched and the coin can be rotated with slight movements. This brings a new set of maneuvers to the world of coin manipulation making the Crescent Coin its own Object Manipulation Toy. We have two sizes of the Crescents: 44m & 52mm. They both can perform the same moves but the smaller coin is more rail orientated and the bigger being more surface orientated. Each Coin comes with a 30" Necklace. You can wear the coin as a pendant. Clasp it thru the hole or loop the cord around the rail of the coin and always have your skilltoy on you. The Crescents are made from 100% stainless steel for durability so you can toss them in your pocket and they can hold up. The coins come in Silver, Gold, & Rose color options. We have a selection to choose from with no etchings, one side etched, and both sides etched. We also have some two tone color options. Crescent can be played with similar to Coin Manipulation, Knuckle Rollers, Halo Toy, Penspinning, and more.

Crescent Coin is a very different toy then Halo but the Halo Toy concept is what created Crescent. Check out the Halo Product Line here.

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