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Halo Toy:

Halo combines the playfulness of a dexterity toy while doubling as a fashion accessory. 

A vast library of tricks is waiting to be discovered and mastered leaving you with limitless opportunities and endless fun. The jewelry aspect that Halo brings by being wearable to the fidget toy community means you no longer have to dig through your pockets or bags to get to play wherever, whenever.

Halo is a skill toy very similar to toys such as Begleri, Pen Spinning, Coin Manipulation, Bailsong, etc. The simple yet elegant design allows for a broad range of tricks. The ring size allows all fingers to pass through, while still giving the chain enough room to maneuver.


Because Halo is all metal it produces an audio experience akin to ASMR. Just like the greek toy Begleri that clacks together while doing tricks Halo has a similar audio experience. The sounds from Halo are very subtle grinding and chain kink noises. With Halo being a seamless style toy. The basic repetitive tricks can produce very rhythmic noises.

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