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Belo Toy:

Belo is a mixture of the Halo Toy & Begleri. Merging the ring styles of Halo with the slinging of Begleri beads. Belo is made from 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel. The colors are steel plated. 

Belo is a new bead design for Begleri bringing aspects of Halo play to the game. The simple yet elegant design allows for a broad range of tricks. The ring size allows all fingers to pass through. While being able to switch back into normal Begleri play. Each Belo ring is designed with two holes. One is for 275 paracord and the other is for 550. Giving you a range of stringing possibilities. 

Belo was designed as a toy in mind. It is also wearable. Some Belo come with around 30 inches of 275 paracord matched with plastic jewelry clasps. You can wear it as a necklace or for more practical uses shorten it for belt loops and backpacks. 

When playing with Belo the rings clack together in a similar fashion to Begleri. Belo does make clack and clicking sounds as well. The size and shape of the rings allow for chiming sounds. A very soothing relaxing sound just like wind chimes. 

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